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The best after the pandemic

In Spain, renewable energies produced 46.6% of electricity

Wind power becomes the main source of electricity generation in Spain in 2021

More than the European average, more than the previous year, twice as many as in 2007 and three times as many as in 2000.

Renewables would achieve their best record, producing 46.6% of all electricity in the country in 2021, scoring 9.9% more than last year.

Photovoltaic is the technology that increases its production the most compared to 2020. It registers 37.7% more and marks its annual historical maximum of production and participation in the Spanish generation mix (8.1% of the total).


The Electricity Network of Spain has today presented the forecast for the end of 2021 for the main indicators of the electricity system in a year in which it is estimated that the national demand will be around 257,100 GWh, a figure 2.8% higher to that of 2020.


Forecasts estimate that the force of the wind could close the year registering 23.3% of the total production in our country, thus leading the national generation mix for the first time since 2013. The energy produced from this technology will exceed 60,600 GWh, with an estimated increase of 10.5% over last year. This is clear from the data presented today by Red Eléctrica de España in its year-end forecast, which anticipates the main magnitudes of the system based on forecasts as of December 14. It is one of the technologies that is estimated to increase its production the most compared to 2020, an increase led by photovoltaics, which records an increase of 37.7% and marks its annual production maximum (more than 21,000 GWh). and participation in the country's mix (8.1% of the total).


Estimates predict that renewable technologies will close the year representing 46.6% of all electricity in the country – more than 121,500 GWh, 9.9% more than in 2020 – which would lead it to record its largest share in this way in the generation structure since there are records. This year's green production share is 2.6 percentage points higher than the previous maximum recorded in 2020.

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