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The best after the pandemic

Families met and connected more

Every crisis is an opportunity, and this has made us stronger and better.

These are not easy times due to the uncertainty in which we find ourselves, but at the same time we have had to make the best of each other to move forward.

Living together has helped us get to know each other better, analyzing our strengths and weaknesses.

The family unit is strong, living this situation we have learned to live together managing self-control; to be orderly and make an effort; We have practiced generosity and solidarity because the members of the family love each other and because it has been necessary to improve daily coexistence. With all this we have matured and acquired greater responsibility to the extent of each one and all this by striving to do it with joy for others and for ourselves.


We translate order not only into material order by organizing objects, but into the inner harmony of knowledge and tendencies. We have acquired external respect and self-control, the internal control of oneself, which have allowed us to improve our openness to the world of people and things. It has helped us to get to know ourselves better, analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, something that has also allowed us to have a personal balance that has given us serenity.


The effort we have made to manage all the adverse and mixed circumstances that we have been receiving is leading us to take another step in our personal strength. Our children are seeing us every day, now more than in other circumstances because it has been an intense daily coexistence. They perceive that "struggle" that is making us stronger, being a great learning for them our model.


More than ever we have been forced to take advantage of time due to the amount of multitasking that we have had to combine and that has helped us to exercise patience, perseverance and perseverance, improving our diligence. Being our starting point the effort to "work" better in everything. What has made us magnanimous and bold.

The practice of generosity has led us to experience a greater spirit of service that has made us more aware of others, "looking inside" to discover what they needed at one time or another. We have been able to appreciate the affection and attention, with delicacy and kindness. On several or various occasions it has gotten out of hand, but that has not been a problem if we have known how to ask for forgiveness.


Making a mistake is the least of it, the important thing is to recognize it, admit it and ask for forgiveness if the situation requires it, this is the great success. This “extreme” coexistence has made us respect each other, be tolerant and understand each other better because it has helped us to put ourselves in the other's place, knowing their circumstances more deeply.

Solidarity supposes a constant willingness to accept and do what corresponds to one as a member of a group for the common good. It is another of the values ​​that we have learned and above all worked on in this confinement to favor the family environment.


The result has been the acquisition of a maturity that has given us the responsible use of our freedom, because we have been able to accept the rules of coexistence that we needed at this time in an exceptional way.

We have acquired a strong will, necessary for the pursuit of happiness. What costs us is what we really value and when we get it we feel happy. We transmit joy that spreads the environment and makes sure that external situations do not deprive us of our freedom because we are the ones who manage it.


With opportunities like this, our children will be able to face the challenges that they face and those that they encounter in their own lives. Society needs responsible and supportive citizens capable of participating and working for this “difficult goal”. In this way we are promoting an education open to all, to innovation, renewal and improvement.

From everything that we expose we are sure that some aspects have been easier, others more expensive and others are in the process of learning, but what we do have clear is that we wanted to show the most complete "sketch" without pretending that it is the final piece. . Education is an art and as such we are constantly learning. What this crisis has allowed us is to stop and think about things more slowly, it has given us the opportunity to practice, to get it right or wrong and to draw conclusions to continue learning the exciting art of educating.

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