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The best after the pandemic

Half the world has been vaccinated

49% of the world's population received their doses.


There are too great differences between countries – in Spain we are almost all vaccinated, and in Africa only 9% – but it is still a milestone to have immunized 3,800 million people.

Result of humanity and the enormous capacity for coordination, cooperation and solidarity that has taken place within the scientific community, with many articles published on the subject, much shared knowledge, which began when the virus was detected in China, and regardless of the country where there is the scientific group, and this made it possible to quickly see the identification and evolution of the disease.


If there had not been an investment by the countries in developing vaccines, where the pharmaceutical industry also plays a fundamental role, we would not be vaccinating people now. In less than a year we practically had the first vaccines and we continue to have a lot of information about their effects. It has been an unusual situation, unprecedented, as a globalized world.

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