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The best after the pandemic

Greenhouse gas emissions decreased

As the coronavirus epidemic spread around the world, it caused a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.


Paradoxically, the abrupt stoppage of human activities has a great beneficiary: the environment. The decrease in the number of trips in motor vehicles, the decrease in industrial production and consumption translates into less pollution, cleaner waters and clearer skies. From China to Venice.


Researchers at New York University found that the concentration of carbon monoxide, mainly due to car exhaust, fell by almost 50% in cities affected by the virus.


Satellite photos of China and Italy, taken a year apart, also showed a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a significant reduction in nitrogen dioxide pollution.

In China, the slowdown or closure of thermal power plants and factories, as well as travel bans for tens of millions of citizens, have led to a decrease in emissions of at least 100 million tons of CO2 after the Chinese New Year in comparison with 2019.


Good news for the climate and humans: So this is good news for the climate, but this drastic reduction in air pollution is also beneficial for humans. By reducing pollutants that cause many lung problems responsible for five million premature deaths a year, the risk of mortality from coronavirus infection is also reduced.

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