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We are not afraid to die, but to live

“What happened in the past are memories and what we imagine of the future are projects. Life, as such, can only be experienced in the present”.

The best after the pandemic

We have to look at the world with different eyes, let’s take a look at the best after the pandemic…

vaccinate thumbnail.jpg

Half the world has been vaccinated

first space thumbnail.jpg

First space flight with a civilian crew

family thumbnail.jpg

Families met and connected more

the planet thumbnail.jpg

Greenhouse gas emissions decreased

electric car thumbnail.jpg

In Norway, 90% of new cars are electric

home-office thumbnail.jpg

More people work from home

china thumbnail.jpg

W.H.O. says China has eliminated malaria

energia renovable thumbnail.jpg

In Spain, renewable energies produced 46.6% of electricity

planet thumbnail.jpg

The planet, the most benefited by the coronavirus

life thumbnail.jpg

We live twice as long as 100 years ago

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